ATV 10GHz Up/Down converter

Setup ATV UP/Down Transverter

BTV Microwave ATV 10A is a microwave Up/Down converter video signal transmitter designed for radio amateurs, to transmit television
signal in 10 GHz band.

The video signal with 1Vp-p level should be applied by a coaxial cable to the outdoor unit.
As an option, audio modules are delivered, please send your inquiry by mail.

The transmitter is integrated with a 350 mm diameter parabolic antenna; to extend its Gain, larger
antennas can be delivered with it, with diameters up to 650 mm.

The mechanical tower mount is adjustable in azimuth and elevation (horizontal and vertical planes).

ATV 10A transmitter is factory-set to 10322 MHz. The frequency can be changed by a 16-pole switch located
inside of the case (to be only used to reduce interference by another ATV station).

Transverter outdoor enclosure have IP65 certification which allows all year outdoor operation.
ATV/DATV transceiver have 9122MHz default LO frequency. This frequency can be changed
by switch located on microwave unit inside of outdoor enclosure.
For full operation transverter requires only connection of indoor control unit and 1.2GHz band
IF modulation source (FM modulator for ATV or DVB modulator for DATV).

The power supply for ATV10A is installed indoors (included), and delivers 13.8-15.0V DC, 1.2 A max (0.7A
without heating).


Pole clamp transverters

Standard Frequency output is 10322 MHz (HAM Radio use)
Other output frequency at request.

All Microwave transverters are supplied including:

* Heavy duty mast clamp
* Plug and Play outdoor unit with 350 or 650 mm DISH
* Polarization adjustable (Standard Horizontal)
* Outdoor unit incl: all Microwave Electronic, Filters and relay
* RF Output amplifier 1 or 10 Watts
* Indoor unit power supply and RF output power indication.

2 model 10GHz transverters and Antenna Diameter Availabe:

#1 Microwapp HR10A / 1 Watt Output / Antenna Diameter 350 mm and 650 mm
#2 Microwapp HR10B / 10 Watts Output / Antenna Diameter 350 mm and 650 mm

Price in EURO:

10GHz Transverter ATV10A-350 / 1 Watt / Dish 350mm, EUR 2775
10GHz Transverter ATV10A-650 / 1 Watt / Dish 650mm, EUR 2999

10GHz Transverter ATV10B-350 / 10 Watt / Dish 350mm, EUR 4399
10GHz Transverter ATV10B-650 / 10 Watt / Dish 650mm, EUR 4649



Shipment to lot's of countries possible, we will be
glad to
E-mail you a quotation, or use the Quote request page.

All prices are inc. 21% VAT, if your delivery address is outsite the EU countries no V.A.T. applies, and no VAT applies, if you are inside the EU countries and holding a V.A.T. number.

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Type ATV10A ATV10B
RF Frequency Range 10.322 10.574 MHz (10.00-10.50GHz optional) 10368-10370 MHz 10.322 10.574 MHz (10.00-10.50GHz optional)
Modulation according to IF signal (FM, QPSK, FSK) according to IF signal (FM, QPSK, FSK)
Video Input Level 1Vp-p, 50 Ohms 1Vp-p, 50 Ohms
Audio Optional Module audio carrier 6,5 - 8,0 MHz Optional Module audio carrier 6,5 - 8,0 MHz
Transmitter Output Power: 1 Watts 10 Watts
EIRP 250 W 2500 W
Transmitter RF Output Power 1 W 10 W
Frequency Stability: 1x 10E(-5) 1x 10E(-5)
Polarization: H/V, H set at factory H/V, H set at factory
RX LNB Gain / NF 40 dB / 1.2 dB 40 dB / 1.2 dB
LO LNB frequency 9250 MHz 9250 MHz
Antenna Gain 26 dBi for 350 mm dia. antenna
32 dBi for 650 mm dia. antenna
26 dBi for 350 mm dia. antenna
32 dBi for 650 mm dia. antenna
DC Power: 13.8-15.0 V, 1.2 A max. 13.8-15.0 V, 2,2 A max.
Operation Temperature -25 to +50 deg.C -25 to +50 deg.C
Size 560x510x410 mm 660x510x410 mm
Weight 13,5 Kg 18,5 Kg
Supplied with (Standard) 350 mm Dish mounted.
Option 650mm Dish
350 mm Dish Mounted
Option 650mm Dish