MicroWave Transverters & Beacons

BTV MicroWave

10GHz (3cm Band) Transverter incl 35cm dish

BTV Microwave Technology supplier of Microwave transverters, Beacons and ATV Up / Down Converters.

Our Microwave HR series outdoor microwave transverters produced by the BTV company represent an integrated
production program for microwave bands from 2,5 to 24 GHz.

All units are "ready to go" mounted in a water proof housing included mounted antenna or Parabolic Dish.
Several dish sizes are available, as well RF output levels from 1 to 10Watts.

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5.7GHz Transverter Supplied including Dish

10GHz Transverter 1Watt and 10Watt models

ATV 10GHz Up/Down RX/TX 1Watt and 10Watt models