3 Meter Mesh DISH 6 Petal

6-Petal 3M0 Mesh DISH

RF HAMDESIGN 3 Meter Mesh DISH in 6 Parts (6-Petal)

This 3M0 Mesh Dish is our prototype and an early sample model
We did released this product already and sold more than 10pcs now

Now we offer this prototype for sale.
This 3M0 Dish is ready to use, you only have to mount tht 6 petals to each other !

3M0 6-Petal Disj

Specifications 3M0 Mesh DISH:

* Weight 33Kg
* F/D=0.45
* Mounted mesh is 6mm gap
* Supplied incl CNC milled HUB
* Supplied incl all ass.parts (Nuts & Bolts)
* Supplied incl 4-Leg Dish feed support
* Not supplied: Dish Mounting bracket / Dish Feed

Asking price is EUR .....DISH IS SOLD !!

New Dishes can be
found here

This 3M0 DISH KIT is only available for local pick-up Only !!