NEW !!! SPID RING ROTOR, for use on an 11 1/4” equilateral triangle tower.

Triangle towers incl dimensions

NEW: Triangle Tower SPID RING Rotor !

This new rotor can be mounted on an equilateral triangle tower

2 model Ring Rotor available:

Type: RING-01/HR, ready to mount at a 11 1/4" (28,6 cm) Triangle Tower
Type: RING-02/HR, ready to mount at a 16 3/4" (42,6 cm) Triangel Tower

Ring rotor drive

* The New Ring rotor is made of galvanized steel and delivered incl MD-01 controller
* Ring rotor is made to rotate large antenna systems around the tower.
* Driven by a 24 Volts DC motor and heavy-duty gear
* This design allows installation of more than one antenna on each rotor
* Rotor can turn 360 degree, resolution 0,1 degree
* Total weight rotor: +/- 40Kg

* Price: EUR 1795.00 (Rotor + MD-01 controller)

More info will be available soon at our
Ring rotor page.

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XXL Mounting Bracket SPID BIG-RAS/HR rotor

SPID BIG-RAS/HR XXL Heavy duty antenna mounting bracket

XXL Heavy duty mounting bracket to mount for example a 4.5 Meter Dish at a SPID AZ&EL rotator.

More info page

NEW !!! SPID Upgrade set RAS and BIG-RAS to High resolution rotor

NEW: Upgrade set RAS + BIG-RAS to /HR

Now AVAILABLE: SPID UPGRADE SET for RAS + BIG-RAS to High Resolution rotor

New KIT to upgrade your excisting SPID, model RAS or BIG-RAS rotor to a High Resolution Rotor.

This KIT Contains the full upgrade to change over your rotor to a High Resolution rotor which can be controlled now by the new MD-01 controller which has much more functions available to drive and track your rotator system.

More info and price can be found here.

NEW !!! SPID Light version Azimuth Rotator, type RAU

New SPID RAU, Azimuth Light Version Rotator

NOW AVAILABLE: SPID Azimuth Antenna Rototar, type RAU

This new rotator is a light version of SPID type RAK, mechanically it is a little bit smaller in size.
RAU rotator is delivered incl Controller and has the same functions as SPID RAK.

Resolution is 1 degree
Rotator Weight: 5.9 Kg

More info at the SPID RAU Page