PA TAJFUN 1000 1kW 432MHz

ALMOST NEW: > 1000Watts output 432MHz Amplifier

PA TAJFUN 1000 1kW 432MHz

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Our PA TAJFUN 1000 1kW 432MHz Amplifier made by VH Electronics.
Not new, but 99.9% new, used for 2 x test setup during show

TAJFUN 1000 is small, lightweight but robus LDMOS Power Amplifier

Freqency Coverage: 430-434 MHz
Operating Mode: FM, CW, SSB, DIGI
Output Power: 900W CW, 700W SSB, 600W FM and DIGI modes 50% duty cycle
Input Power: 18-20W, install 3dB attenuator (option 6dB)
Power supply inside: 53VDC / 1800W
Suppression of harmonics: >= 70dBc
Low Pass Filter
Working temperature: 0-45 °C, Max. humidity 90%
Protection from: PWR, SWR, Tmax, Imax, Umax/Umin
Control / Display: color TFT display
3x temperature PWM controlled fans + small turbine
Measurment and display:
Reflected power
Peak power
USB - configuration, service
LAN - remote
Power supply: 195-277VAC, 45-66Hz
Dimension: 266x105x294mm
Coaxial Relay: CX600NC - CX140D
Weight: 6,2kg

Asking price EUR 1750