Terms of Payment

UPDATED: January 2023

Prices for foreign customers.....

Deliveries abroad are only effected against advance payment.
Upon receipt of your order we will send you an (proforma) invoice.

Delivery Inside EU incl and excl VAT:
Private customers inside of EC countries will be treated as domestic customers, they will be charged with
our DUTCH V.A.T. of 21% which is included in our price list.
No V.A.T. applies, if you are inside the EC countries and holding a V.A.T. number (divide listed prices by 1,21)
Delivery Outsite EU:
Our prices are including 21% DUTCH V.A.T. which is not to be paid by foreign customers.
Please deduct DUTCH V.A.T. which is included in the price list. (divide listed prices by 1,21)

Payment by Bank transfer:
As soon as the invoice amount in EURO € is transferred and credited to our bank account
the ordered goods will be immediately dispatched ex Drachten, ex stock unless a delivery period
has been agreed in writing.
Importand: Bank charges are always to be taken over by the customer !

Payment through Credit Card:
You can pay securely by Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard etc) 3.9% surcharge
We provide you with a secure payment link to pay for your order.
(It is no need to provide us your Credit Card details.

Payment through PayPal:
We will sent you a PayPal payment request through PayPal (5.5% surcharge **)
NOTE: All payments must be in EURO. (EUR)

a) RF HAMDESIGN never refund fee's of money by Wire Bank transfer, PayPal or Credit Card !!
b) RF HAMDESIGN never refund or pay's transport costs for (return) freight when delivery address is wrong / not accepted by receiver / if we have made an internal error during the order picking process / customs clearance refused or other reason / Return goods to our address because they should be dammaged during transport !!

RF HAMDESIGN offers 1 year warranty on all sold products.
If you find physical defects in the materials or the workmanship used in making the product described, RF HAMDESIGN will repair, or at its option, replace, the product at no charge to you, provided you return it (postage prepaid, with proof of your purchase) during the 12-month period after the date of your original purchase of the product.

In case if there should be shipped replacement parts under warranty, we use standard postal mail service as only option free of charge. (Transit time depends on country, but can be 3.....8 weeks)
If you prefer faster transit time, we can ship at your cost by privat forwarder (UPS / FedEx / DHL)

Check out our full term: Terms / Disclaimer

Company Address RF HAMDESIGN B.V.
(Visit by appointment only)

Gauke Boelensstraat 108
The Netherlands

Office Tel: 0512 354 126
Cell Phone: 06 50 882 889

Tel. International Office: +31 512 354 126
Cell Phone International: +31 650 882 889


RF HAMDESIGN and Whatsapp:

WhatsApp: +31 650 882 889

Important: before contacting us:
Only during business hours, only in english or Dutch, only for sales matters. For technical questions, technical support matters please contact us by E-Mail, see our contact RF HAMDESIGN page.

Please allow a delay of 15 minutes for the first reply.

This WhatsApp is only for TEXT / No Phone call / No Video


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