2.4 Meter DISH KIT

2.4 Meter DISH, delivered as KIT

2.4Meter Dish KIT

New design, light weight, short builing time, prefabricated ribs, all Aluminum !

2.4 Meter
Prime Focus MESH DISH KIT, easy to assemble, 15mm square tube aluminium is used for the 12 rib contruction which are pre-assembled and ready to place at the 15cm, 10mm thickness aluminium centers.

CNC milled center (2pcs)

The DISH KIT is supplied with a 3 leg dish feed support, all assembling parts and 6mm square mesh, which can be used up 6GHz, option is 2.8mm galvanized wire mesh , max frequency is 11GHz.

As option available full Azimuth & Elevation rotator incl build in track interface, more info...........

Back-site support

You only need a hand driller, a hand riveter, Spanner No:10 and 13, a hand cutter, Wire Mesh cutter and some time to assemble this DISH KIT

Dish KIT delivered incl:
* all assembly parts
* 6mm sq. MESH
* Rivets
* Mast clamp
* 3-leg feed support
* stainless steel bolts and nuts
* 2* CNC milled Center 150*10mm


Close up center mounted at back-site

  • 2 pcs CNC milled centers are used to mount rib's
  • Centers are 15cm round, 10mm thickness aluminium
  • Rib's made of 15mm sq aluminium tube
  • 3 inner rings are used to secure mesh
  • Outher rim made of 3x15mm aluminium strip
  • Mesh secured by using of 2x15mm aluminium strip
  • 3-Leg feed support 15 square aluminium tube

  • Wind Load Mesh Dish 2.4 Meter (picture right)
  • Weight: 14Kg (ex Dish feed)
  • Standard mast clamp 48-52mm
  • As option available mast/rotor mount clamp
  • Several Dish Feeds available, more info
Price and ordering information:...

48-52mm mast clamp

Download our price list: Download price list page
(Available F/D= 0.5 / 0.45 and 0.40)

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Download Spec Sheet 2.4M Dish KIT

Download 2.4 Meter Mesh Dish KIT Specifications Sheet [564 KB] in PDF formats

Frequency Gain dBd -3dB angle (dgr)
1296 MHz 26.1 7.1
2320 MHz 31.1 4.0
3456 MHz 34.5 2.7
5760 MHz 39.0 1.6
Available DISH FEEDS:

RF HAMDESIGN designs and manufacture a wide range of RF DISH Feeds....

We can offer Linear single band, dual or tri band dish feeds from 1-10GHz, Helix dish feeds with Left Hand Circular Polarization, (or RHCP) from 1-4GHz, High power single band Horn Dish feeds. (more info)

We will be glad to E-mail you a quotation for your own frequency request, or use the Quote request page.

Fixed Elevation Dish Mounting Bracket P/N: BR-50B

Fixed Elevaation Mounting Bracket BR-50B

Bracket used to mount your dish in a fixed position

This bracket can be fixed in elevation from 0 to max 90 degree.
Supplied including mast mounting bracket
BR-50B can be used with our Mesh Dishes up to 3 Meter diameter.

Weight: 6 Kg
Material: 5mm laser cut Steel plate, painted Black
Max. Mast mount standard 63....66mm diameter

Price BR-50B: Refer PRICE list

More pictures: Accessories part